Formula 1 | Marko wants to win in Jeddah, ‘home of Mercedes F1’

Helmut Marko admitted that Red Bull’s loss to Qatar was due to his mismanagement of Friday and FP3 on Saturday morning.

The consultant explains that the Austrian team has never been able to reproduce its performances at the start of the weekend.

« It was our fault. We were four tenths ahead in the first practice session. Then we got lost, » says Marko.

« Hamilton, on the other hand, gradually improved, tuning his car as needed. »

« For us it was the other way around. We were never able to get back to where we were at the start of the weekend. In the third practice session we suddenly lost three tenths on the first corner. « 

The good news, however, is that top speeds were similar this time around, he said.

« We came close at top speed. For the first time in weeks, we didn’t have a disadvantage. »

Enough to make him say that « Mercedes had removed its magic spoiler ».

« That is not true. The lower wing was not changed. It was rock solid according to the new FIA test. You could have hung 100 kilos on it and it did not budge. . Maybe Red Bull will ask for 105kg next time, «  we say at Mercedes F1

The Austrian believes, however, that without his penalty, Verstappen would have had a chance at a win that he didn’t: « Maybe we would have had it with the undercut. As a result, we were taken away from tactical opportunities. »

Marko, however, wants to be confident before the penultimate race in Jeddah and thinks that Red Bull can surprise, on a track where his rival is given favorite: « We still have to win one of the two races. Everyone says Jeddah will be Mercedes’ country. So we’re going to win there. »

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