Formula 1 | Marko supports Vettel’s decision to retire from F1

Marko supports Vettel's decision (...)

Dr Helmut Marko says he absolutely supports Sebastian Vettel’s decision to retire from Formula 1.

Marko heads Red Bull’s driver program, which propelled the 35-year-old German to Formula 1 and then to four world titles.

But after less successful seasons at Ferrari and especially Aston Martin, Vettel will now take a step back from F1.

« I found his video speech in which he announced his retirement very loudly. It shows that his interests are now going in a different direction. And of course you also have to take into account that he had no cockpit competitive and he probably wouldn’t have found one either. So for me, the decision is absolutely the right one, » comments the Austrian.

Marko also said Vettel’s priorities have changed since he was no longer in a winning position.

« With his attention to detail, Vettel was a perfect match for our DNA, everything worked perfectly together. With Ferrari he had great chances. But at Aston Martin… He has other priorities now, he doesn’t even get on the podium with his car. So it makes sense that he draws the consequences. If you don’t put your heart into it anymore, nothing happens. »

Marko notes that this contrasts sharply with the situation of Fernando Alonso, who, despite being 41, will now replace the German at Aston Martin.

« He’s super fast. It’s amazing the kind of races he does, it’s the surprise of the year for me. I even think he’s still capable of wins as a driver. The only question is whether Aston Martin can supply him with the package. »

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