Formula 1 | Marko sees Verstappen break single-season winning record

Marko sees Verstappen beat the (...)

Helmut Marko has predicted that Max Verstappen could reach or even exceed 14 wins this season, which would set a record for a driver in a single season.

Before the 2021 season, Verstappen had 10 career wins to his name, but now, just a year and a half later, he has more than tripled that figure.

He is on 31 career wins, becoming the seventh driver in F1 history alongside Nigel Mansell, and could easily break the record for most wins in a single season.

The record currently stands at 13 for Michael Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013), although both drivers have achieved this record with far fewer Grands Prix to go in a single season.

In terms of percentage, to do better than Schumacher, he could win the last 6 races, or 17 out of 22 races won. With 77.27% of success he would comfortably exceed Schumacher’s 72.22% (13 victories in 18 GP). With 16 out of 22 wins, he would also be ahead of the German for … 0.5%.

“He again managed to win relatively easily at Monza,” Marko admits.

« It’s a pity that the race ended under the safety car. It was definitely not the right decision. The safety car also got in front of the wrong driver and prevented the other drivers from passing . »

« It didn’t matter at all. We had the upper hand but it was amazing how quickly Max took the lead. But it would have been nice to finish normally. It might have been more tense for us and a disadvantage, but we have to put sport first.”

« Everything is fine and now we need one more win for the title and another to tie the record. Maybe we can do 14 wins, I’m even pretty sure maybe even 16 or 17 . »

What did Marko think of the boos on the podium? Marko admits he understands F1 fans’ annoyance…only if it was directed at the FIA.

« People behaved honestly, if it was for the FIA, not for Max. If they booed the race director’s decision, that was completely fair. I think the situation should be reconsidered. First of all, a faster recovery is essential, but more importantly the whole rule of letting drivers who have been put on a lap through does not help to save time.What good is it… We could have to have an incredibly exciting lap – obviously not for us if you’re in the lead at Monza, but overtaking a Max Verstappen on the last lap isn’t easy either. »

As we have noted, Verstappen could be titled at the next Grand Prix if he wins and Leclerc and Perez experience some setbacks.

« Singapore would be a nice place to party. Suzuka would be better, at Honda for sure. I don’t think it will happen in Singapore, Ferrari will be much tougher there in racing. »

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