Formula 1 | Mario Andretti also makes Verstappen his favorite ‘from a fan point of view’

Mario Andretti may be 81 years old, but that does not prevent him from continuing to follow Formula 1 with great diligence, especially since the family could invest the discipline again if the current negotiations with Sauber Motorsport are successful. .

In the meantime, for someone who is one of motorsport’s greatest legends, it’s been happening from the couch. And he enjoys the title battle that is currently unfolding between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

« It’s finally unpredictable in F1! » launches Andretti on the F1 Nation podcast.

« There’s more than one main title contender. Valtteri (Bottas) was there if anything happened with Lewis in previous years. But this year there’s Max, and on another team. »

« Mercedes has picked up some steam recently but let’s be honest: Max is still here, and he will be here until the end, » continues the 1978 world champion.

When asked who his favorite for the title is, he replies like Daniel Ricciardo recently: « I wish it was Max because he’s not a champion yet. From a fan’s point of view, you would like to see someone again become a champion. »

“When Max came to Formula 1 he showed very special things from the start, like in that wet race in Brazil. He always showed things like that. He’s a force to be reckoned with. , whatever the circuit. That’s the quality of a champion, no matter how you view him. « 

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