Formula 1 | Magnussen would like to know ‘if he is at the level’ of the best

Magnussen would like to know 'if he

Kevin Magnussen sometimes has the opportunity to cross swords with drivers from top teams, when they start from the back of the grid. The Haas F1 driver would like more such opportunities to measure his talent against the two benchmarks Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

“I would like to have the challenge of racing against Hamilton, Verstappen or Charles Leclerc because I think I can meet it” Magnussen said. « It’s just that I never really get the chance to prove whether I can do it or not. »

« I don’t think there are many drivers who are better than Max or Lewis. But there are drivers who are at their level and I would like to find out and find out if I am at their level. »

The Dane acknowledges that Verstappen particularly impresses him: « The combination of Max and his car is on a different level. I don’t think anyone can do what he’s doing right now and it shows. »

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