Formula 1 | Magnussen was inspired by ‘legend’ Vettel before arriving in F1

Magnussen was inspired by (...)

If Alex Albon had never faced Sebastian Vettel on the track before making his F1 debut in 2019, the Williams driver is perfectly aware of the mark that the future retiree will leave in the premier category of motorsport.

« First of all, I have to admit that I know him less well than some older riders, » Albon said.

Present in the same room as the Thai, Daniel Ricciardo obviously felt targeted by the word “old”!

« But no, no, no, I’m not saying that Daniel is old! » continues Albon. « But I was lucky enough to be able to get to know him better and better, especially this year. We all know what he has accomplished on the circuits. He is part of the very closed circle of multiple world champions. And he there’s a reason for that. »

« And we can also see all that he achieves outside of sport, it’s just as impressive and inspiring. I’m sure he can’t wait to experience his future as a father. But I’m also curious to see what « he’ll do next to that. I heard he just opened his Instagram account, it’s very exciting. So I’m going to follow him. »

Arriving in Formula 1 in 2014, just after Vettel’s four consecutive world titles, Kevin Magnussen admits to having taken a lot of inspiration from the German when he was younger.

« I see him as a legend of our sport. Before arriving in Formula 1, he was certainly one of the drivers I was inspired by. At the start of his F1 career, he was already fast and successful. He was so young and his achievement was very special, he dominated the sport for a long time. He is a true legend, so I wish him the best for the future. »

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