Formula 1 | Magnussen: Hulkenberg will be a ‘real asset’ for Haas F1 in 2023

Magnussen: Hülkenberg will be a (...)

Kevin Magnussen is happy to welcome Nico Hülkenberg to Haas F1, believing the 35-year-old German will be a « real asset » for the American team in 2023.

Günther Steiner will thus have at his disposal a pair of very experienced pilots next year, contrasting with the recent choices of the team to opt for beginners. He also criticized Mick Schumacher for his inability to advance the team quickly enough.

For Magnussen, this is precisely what Hülkenberg will be able to provide.

« He will bring a lot of experience, » said the Danish pilot.

« It is well known that experience is invaluable in Formula 1. I have the feeling that he has often been on the verge of signing for a top team in F1, he has always been one of the good drivers, he has been consistent and had good results in mid-range cars. That’s all we need here. »

Despite the episode of « suck my b***s » a few years ago, Magnussen repeats that it will not affect his relationship with Hulkenberg in 2023.

« We don’t really have a relationship at the moment. Everyone talks about our little story in Hungary in 2017. But in reality, I have great respect for him as a driver and I already said that when his arrival in the team was confirmed. I don’t know him as a person yet. I will get to know him next year and I can’t wait. I think he will be a real asset to the team. « 

The Dane also sent a new word to his now ex-teammate Mick Schumacher, for whom he said he was sorry.

« My feelings are mixed. On the one hand, I’m excited to see someone like Nico bring all his experience and abilities. But on the other, I feel bad for Mick because I know what it’s like to find himself in his situation. »

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