Formula 1 | Magnussen admits he’s been ‘a bit lost’ lately

Magnussen acknowledges having (...)

Author of a very noticed opening Grand Prix in Bahrain where he won an incredible fifth place for Haas F1, Kevin Magnussen seems to have fallen into line since then and he has been more often dominated by Mick Schumacher in races lately.

The Dane, who recognizes going through a period of less well, thinks he has an explanation: his race engineer has changed several times this year, which would have destabilized him a little.

Earlier this month, Haas F1 announced the recruitment of Mark Slade to support Magnussen, the engineer who once proved himself at Renault and McLaren. He will thus replace Dominic Haines, who himself made a short-term transition after the departure of Ed Regan.

« It was a bit tricky. I changed race engineers a few times and got a bit lost, » recognized the 29-year-old pilot.

« I started trying things that weren’t based on science but more on hunches, which is not the way an F1 team works. It’s hard when you change sides. race engineer as was my case. »

« At the moment, I’m trying to take a step back in order to rediscover the sensations of the beginning of the year. And I’m not saying that I had bad engineers, just that I haven’t yet been able to put establish a working relationship.

Magnussen hopes to ‘start strong’ in 2023

The situation could however remain confused for some time for the Dane, since Marc Slade will operate in Singapore then in Austin while it is again Dominic Haines who will be present in Japan in a week.

“There is still going to be some commotion, but hopefully we will eventually have time to settle in and get the experience off to a good start with Mark, so that we have something to work on over the winter. J So hope to start very strong next year. »

« I know Mark from when I was at Renault, he was a race engineer there when I was there in 2016. He is a very experienced person who understands and knows your strengths and weaknesses, he will be so very interesting to see him bring all his experience and intelligence. »

“For me, the most important thing is to have someone who can leverage your strengths when it comes to setting up the car. « He understands you. That’s what I hope to have with Mark. »

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