Formula 1 | Length of F1 calendar worries Verstappen

The length of the F1 calendar (...)

Max Verstappen has confirmed once again that he would not want to race until he is 40, although he currently has a contract which commits him until 2028 in F1. The Dutchman reveals that what would prevent him the most would currently be the number of races per season, which is growing every year.

« It’s not about the number of titles I’m aiming for » says Verstappen. « It’s also a question of quality of life. We’re going to see more races. I have a contract until 2028, I’ll be 31. »

« So if we go in that direction with more and more races, do I really want to continue until I’m 35? Probably not. Because there are a lot of more fun things I want to do outside of that. Formula 1 and I don’t want to travel most of the year away from my family and friends. »

« So I see myself doing this for a few more years, and of course until the end of my contract. But then I will decide if I really want to continue with this lifestyle, because it is very demanding. I love being home, I really love being home, and being away so often is a bit painful sometimes. »

« I’m committed until 2028. After that it depends on how things go. Like I said I’ll probably try to do a few different races too because it’s important to try different things. »

Massa thinks Verstappen will change his mind

Felipe Massa ended his career after 15 years at the top level, with an additional season when Williams had to replace Valtteri Bottas. According to him, Verstappen will not want to stop when he is up against the wall.

“I would say Max is now easily top 5 all time but he can be number 1” the Brazilian told Channel 4. « He has all the talent compared to Ayrton Senna, Juan Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, he is at that level. »

« These questions about retirement, at the end of the championship, are always easy to answer like that, but Max loves driving. He loves being in the car, he loves racing. I don’t really see him ending his career at 31 or 32 years old. I think he will continue. »

« It depends on how things go. It depends on the car he has, it depends on the possibility he has of fighting for the championship. It weighs a lot in the decision whether to stay long or not. »

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