Formula 1: Leclerc does his introspection and talks about his big flaw

Last year, Charles Leclerc probably had the most difficult season of his career. On the psychological level, do we get along. Because, while he logically seemed to be the leader of Ferrari in Formula 1, the Monegasque lost face alongside his new teammate, Carlos Sainz. Indeed, it is behind the Spaniard – 5th overall – that the French speaker finished the 2022 championship …

Formula 1: Charles Leclerc in search of balance

Yes, as gifted as he is, Charles Leclerc still has to work, to improve and achieve this status of exceptional driver, alongside the Hamilton and other Verstappen. But the person concerned is aware of this and he believes he knows on what point there is room for progress:

[…]”Yes, there is still a lot to work on: maybe a balance between my qualifying and the race which I probably haven’t found yet. Sometimes I sacrifice my qualifications a little more to be good at the race as we have seen on several occasions [en 2021]. But it’s a balance I’m working on, to try to get the perfect balance between qualifying and racing.“, Concludes the Monegasque.

But as he indicated at the beginning of the interview in question, posted on the official F1 website, Charles made progress in his race management in 2021. Because, while he was often less dashing in the race than in qualifying in the past, the person has clearly improved his situation last season. There remains this idea of ​​finding a good balance, in order to perform well in both exercises, every weekend …

Article published on 01/11/2022 at 7:07 am

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