Formula 1 | Krack would be ‘surprised’ that Aston Martin F1 shines in race at Suzuka

Krack would be 'surprised' (...)

After the mixed fortunes of the Aston Martin F1 drivers in qualifying at Suzuka, Mike Krack does not believe his men will be able to repeat last week’s performance in Singapore, where Lance Stroll finished sixth and Sebastian Vettel tenth in the race.

The quadruple world champion managed to hoist his AMR22 in Q3 in Japan, but this is not the case for the Canadian who stopped in Q1.

And if the Silverstone-based team takes seventh place in the constructors’ championship on the Marina Bay, Krack recalls that the classification could still change by Abu Dhabi.

“Our car has of course improved, but Singapore was a bit special. There are not many fast corners there and we have weaknesses in this type of area, so I would be surprised if we manage to repeat such a result here. »

« We will do our best but we have to remain realistic, of course we have gained two places in the constructors’ championship, but the trend could quickly be reversed. A double retirement for us, or a very positive result for AlphaTauri or Haas, and we we would find ourselves again in the previous situation. »

« So we have to work hard and do our best. It might rain on Sunday and that might give us a chance, and then we have to give it our all until the end of the season. And we’ll see what happens. « 

Vettel has ‘not at all’ changed his approach since his retirement announcement

The Luxembourg leader was also asked about the biggest lessons Aston Martin has learned about its new F1 in 2022.

« How much time do you have? I think at the end of the day the basics of Formula 1 stay the same. You need to be good in terms of aerodynamics and on top in every area. You have to know how to give good feedback to your drivers and they themselves must be good on the track. »

« So overall it’s still the same. And if you lack in one area, then it will be difficult. If you lack in two or three areas, it will be even more so. So we have to improve for the future.

If Sebastian Vettel announced this summer that he would retire at the end of the season, Krack affirms that the German pilot has not changed his approach or his attitude since.

« Not at all. Maybe he’s more focused than before. He’s the kind of person who, once the decision is made, will give everything until the end. And we’re not talking about goodbyes, we We’re not going to party until it’s time to stop. So nothing has changed from that point of view. »

« And we don’t talk about him leaving. We talk about Suzuka, then we talk about Austin, and so on until Abu Dhabi. I heard he wants to come back to Suzuka next year. We let’s see. »

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