Formula 1 | Jerez claims to be 1st circuit ‘in reserve’ for F1 in 2022

The Jerez circuit, a circuit in southern Spain well known to F1 for racing in the 80s and 90s before becoming the scene of numerous private tests (the last in 2015, pictured), claims to be the first in the queue as a potential replacement circuit for Formula 1 in 2022.

F1 recently announced a 23-race schedule for next season, but question marks still remain in place because of the Covid-19. A winter epidemic, a variant, could turn everything upside down again.

In this regard, the political situation in Melbourne, for example, is particularly unstable at the moment, and doubts also persist about Montreal and Suzuka.

In addition, Imola, Barcelona, ​​Singapore and Austin have yet to sign contracts for 2022, while the new Miami track is subject to FIA homologation.

« We’re number 1 in reserve with Jerez, » launches the regional Minister of Tourism Juan Marin.

« When a world championship event is canceled, we could participate in it. »

He said it would only cost the region between € 3m and € 5m.

The prospect of a potential second Grand Prix in Spain is obviously welcomed by Fernando Alonso.

« I saw him on the news, » comments the Alpine F1 driver. « I hope we can have two races in Spain.

« We had already had it with Valencia and Barcelona and it would be very good for our country and our fans who could travel to see two events in real life. I hope that will happen. »

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