Formula 1 | Is Vettel still one of the top 5 drivers in F1?

Sebastian Vettel’s brother has defended the four-time world champion amid suggestions he is no longer among Formula 1’s top five drivers.

Former F1 driver and now commentator Martin Brundle recently said the 34-year-old Vettel was no longer in his top 5.

« The descent into hell has started since he left the Red Bull team to join Ferrari first and then Aston Martin, » he called out. « For me, he’s no longer in the top 5. »

But Fabian Vettel does not agree with this analysis. For anyone racing a Porsche GT4 this year, « Seb wanted to create something new at Aston Martin. »

« This means that different things are needed than when he was at Red Bull, where, like Verstappen, he was the promising young driver at the time. »

« And obviously the car he has isn’t a Red Bull or a Mercedes – it’s no secret. »

« I wouldn’t say Sebastian is no longer in the top five. I don’t think it got worse for him just like that. He just now has other tasks to do to make this team grow. »

Ralf Schumacher also attacked Brundle’s statements.

« I think Brundle should be looking at his own career. Anyway, I don’t think the Vettel – Aston Martin association has ever been viewed very positively in Britain anyway. »

Where Schumacher sees room for criticism, however, is on Vettel’s commitments, between F1 and his fight for major environmental and social issues.

« He has to be clear about what he wants. He has and supports a lot of projects, including environmental protection. I think that’s good, but the focus has to be on what he really wants. . He has to refocus a little more on the race or quit it. « 

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