Formula 1 | Is Norris’ intelligent approach his trump card against Ricciardo?

Kevin Magnussen considers Daniel Ricciardo’s problems at McLaren difficult, but he thinks the Australian is suffering compared to Lando Norris because of the intelligence with which the latter approaches the competition, and in particular the set-up of his car.

« It’s strange that Ricciardo has such a hard time. I don’t know exactly what’s happening to him. » Magnussen said. « I don’t even see Lando as a huge natural talent. But he seems incredibly smart, which can take you a long way in Formula 1. »

« The car is so complicated these days that the more of an engineer you are the better. Someone like Fernando Alonso has enormous natural talent, but also an intelligence that allows him to go far. »

He takes the example of Fernando Alonso, who according to him pushes this trait a little too far: « But sometimes he’s too smart and gets caught up in politics. His flaw is that he thinks everyone is stupid. »

Magnussen, who has competed in several races in the United States and will drive for Peugeot at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, has completely dropped out of F1.

« It’s been a long time since I got into Formula 1. I was in my little bubble and I barely remember who won the last world championships » concluded the Dane, admitting however that the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is « very exciting ».

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