Formula 1 | In Russia, Mazepin understood ‘what it means to be an F1 driver’ for Steiner

F1 arrives in Turkey after the Sochi event, which was more agitated than others for Nikita Mazepin, on the track but also because of the many media engagements that the Russian had to fulfill in front of the fans and the public of the country. .

On this Grand Prix, which is also rich in lessons, not only on strategy but also on Nikita’s maturity, Günther Steiner has nothing but compliments to pay – the engineers in charge of operations are also congratulated for their composure when some ropes…

“Nikita having her race at home and Uralkali being our title sponsor, a lot has happened. Nikita made some promotional films and after he went to an event in Moscow, in order to realize the reality of what it means – to be a Formula 1 driver. On the race weekend itself, was no different. As always, it’s about finding focus in a short time despite all the activities around, but he’s done pretty well. Mick had his first retirement, but he held his head up high and wasn’t frustrated because so far he had enjoyed a good streak without mechanical failure. « 

“I was surprised myself at how Nikita worked with her engineer Dom (Haines) when they made the decision. There wasn’t a lot of back and forth. We chose – I wouldn’t say the safest strategy, but the best strategy we felt at that time – to go in between, because our chief strategist had an eye on the weather radar, and he was planning more. of rain, and it happened. Overall it worked really well and there was no moment of panic, just pure action. « 

Could the Turkish Grand Prix be as lively as in Russia? This could be the case if last year’s disastrous asphalt was not resurfaced as it should … Does Günther Steiner finally hope for a crazy Grand Prix?

“Regarding the surface of the track, what I hear is that they cleaned it up more, so we should have more grip. As for the weather, I can’t change it, if it rains, it rains and we can’t do anything about it. The promoter and owner of the track thought they could improve the conditions and they did, they tried to prepare the track as best they could. As for our pair of new riders, I think for them going to Istanbul is just one of the new circuits this year, nothing different. They’ve been on tracks they’ve never raced before and they’ve done well so I’m sure they’re preparing as best they can. « 

The Turkish Grand Prix has come urgently to slip into this year’s calendar, still disrupted by the coronavirus. Is Günther Steiner annoyed by these incessant calendar changes or would he have wanted F1 to leave an empty spot to relieve his team?

“My first wish is for the pandemic to disappear, not just for Formula 1 but for the whole world. May people no longer die or get sick from Covid and we can all return to normal life. The second is for Formula 1, and that we can have a stable schedule. If we have a stable schedule, even though some events follow or look the same, if you know exactly what’s going to happen, you can plan a lot better than if you always had that uncertainty. FOM has done a great job of getting us through another pandemic year with lots of fan events. I hope the pandemic will go away and we can get back to normal, but if not, I’m sure they will find solutions and we will have to continue for another year, avoiding the pandemic. I’m looking forward to the schedule myself and look forward to next year anyway. « 

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