Formula 1 | In Jeddah, F1 will travel to a circuit that will look like ‘half a construction site’

The penultimate round of one of the most exciting World Championship battles of all time could take place on « a half-site still under construction ».

Formula 1 officials have put into perspective suggestions that Saudi Arabia’s new Jeddah circuit – which is set to host the penultimate race of 2021 in two weeks – will not be finished on time. The proof was given with photos released today (to find at the bottom of this article).

But a source working for Formula One Management (FOM) told Swiss newspaper Blick in Qatar that « The final work in Saudi Arabia will be completed on Thursday before the first practice session. »

« The circuit will then be a half-site still under construction, but the F1 cars will be able to run on it and the main infrastructures will be finalized. »

The big concern comes mainly from the first layer of asphalt, which had not even been laid before September. And with a last layer installed not long ago, will it be able to withstand the heat of the desert with the classic oil lifts of the new tracks when the F1 cars roll on it?

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