Formula 1: In difficulty, Lewis Hamilton is supported by Mercedes!

Formula 1

At the start of the season, Lewis Hamilton is facing great difficulties at the wheel of his Mercedes. But for Toto Wolff, it is not the fault of the seven-time world champion but of the car itself.

After losing his eighth world championship title to the wire against Max Verstappen in 2021, Lewis Hamilton hoped to be able to catch up this season. But with the new regulations that came into force in 2022, mercedes has not yet found the right balance to have a high-performance car. The results of Lewis Hamilton are therefore heavily impacted, since the seven-time world champion is in seventh place, well behind Charles Leclerc, leader of the drivers’ classification. But for Toto Wolff, it’s not the Briton’s fault.

« It’s not Hamilton that’s wrong, it’s the performance of the car »

 » Hamilton? You know, in a way, I have to protect him. It’s not him who sins, it’s the performance of the car. We know he is a seven-time World Champion. Last year, with our team, he almost won the championship. He’s the best driver in the world, and he just doesn’t have the hardware to be able to perform… In a way, it doesn’t matter if you finish eighth, 12th or 15th, it’s irrelevant : in any case, it’s bad. But the real stars bounce back. Of the really great drivers that come to mind, there’s not one who hasn’t had some moments in his career when things didn’t go to plan, and that’s the case with him for the first time in a long time. He’s going to help the team sort things out, and we’re going to stick together in good times and bad. [Dimanche à Imola] was definitely a very bad day “confessed the boss of mercedes in comments reported by

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