Formula 1 | How the ‘monster’ Alonso uses his determination in all areas

How the 'monster' Alonso (...)

At 41, Fernando Alonso continues to evolve at the highest level in Formula 1 thanks to this unfailing determination that characterizes him. But he says that the desire he shows on the circuits is the same in everything he does.

At Alpine F1, the sporting director Alan Permane had also described him as « machine. » And even his now former team-mate Esteban Ocon, with whom he had some tense moments on the track in 2022, spoke of it as a « freak. »

« It’s natural, » replies the new Aston Martin F1 driver when asked if he displays the same desire in all areas.

« It’s the same for everything, not just motorsport. I’m the same in tennis. I take this example because I’m not very good at it, but good enough to play with everyone. »

« I’m not able to return the ball if it hits too hard for me, so I start playing high balls. That way the ball comes in at a reduced speed and my opponent doesn’t know how to react. »

« So maybe I can end up winning the game against someone stronger than me, because I’m constantly thinking about how to best use my strengths but also exploit every weakness of my rivals. »

« It applies to everything, not just motorsport. And I don’t have to think, it comes naturally. »

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