Formula 1 | Horner will have ‘no hesitation’ to extend Pérez if he continues to perform well

Christian Horner would be ready to extend Sergio Pérez at Red Bull as things stand. The director of the Milton Keynes team wants to be optimistic about the extension of the duo made up of the Mexican and Max Verstappen, who has a very long-term contract.

“He does a very good job” Horner said. « Everyone is happy with what he is doing, in the team. If we had to make a decision today, we would obviously want to extend the contract. As long as he continues like this, there will be no no hesitation. »

Horner admits he wants to see more, as the season has only just begun and Pérez has had its ups and downs over the past year. But the Briton also recognizes that the RB18 suits Pérez better, which should help him over the course of a season.

« Checo drives at a very high level. He is more comfortable in the team this year. I think the car suits him better this year. It does not have some of the quirks that our previous cars had. However, we’ve only seen a sample of four races and it’s still early in the year. »

Finally, the boss of Red Bull Racing had to deny a surprising rumor in Miami: contacts have been established between Alonso and him.

« After Vettel with us, here comes Alonso? Who wrote that? It’s nonsense. »

« Fernando is a great driver, it’s fantastic that he’s still in F1 considering he’s over 40. It’s good for him but he’s not in our plans. »

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