Formula 1 | Horner ‘respects’ Wolff but enjoys seeing him energized

Christian Horner (on the right in the photo) judges that Mercedes F1 and its manager, Toto Wolff (left), are undergoing their first real competition at the top of Formula 1 this year, as Red Bull and Max Verstappen appear ready to challenge them until the end of the season.

« This is, of course, the first time Mercedes and the first time Toto Wolff have found themselves in the situation where they are challenged » Horner said. « He was in a situation where he got into the team, the drivers were already signed, the engine was already in place. »

« He did a great job for the team to win, but he didn’t really have any competition. It’s the first time it’s been a real fight, it’s a real competition. »

A false statement because in 2017 and 2018, Ferrari knew how to challenge Mercedes until the middle of the season, or even after, before a series of errors on the part of the team and Sebastian Vettel which put Hamilton back on the path to the title. .

Wolff and Horner have a very different management of their team. During races, for example, the director of Red Bull is on the pit wall, while Wolff is in the garage. A difference that amuses Horner.

“There is respect between the teams, but we operate in a different way. I really want to be on the front line, sitting on the pit wall with the strategists and engineers, while Toto is in the garage at side of the press officer. « 

« It’s different functions, different roles, different perspectives, but the competition is fierce. That’s the key part of this championship. We love competition and the more tense Toto, the more fun it is. »

According to Horner, Red Bull now knows that it can beat Mercedes, on condition of perfectly managing the coming weeks, which will be crucial in the attribution of the two world titles, drivers and manufacturers.

« The next 12 weeks will determine whether or not we win the championship. It’s like a cup final, overall, to make sure we’re giving our best. »

“We can beat Mercedes, but it’s only if we’re at our best that we can do it. We’ve already proven that we can do it, we’ve proven to ourselves that we can do it, because we we are put in that position. « 

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