Formula 1 | Horner: Red Bull’s success is ‘mainly’ due to Verstappen

Christian Horner has again compared Max Verstappen to Lewis Hamilton. If he does not minimize the achievements of the seven-time world champion, the director of Red Bull judges that his driver was better in 2021, and that he would have beaten his rival with equal car.

« There is no denying what Lewis has accomplished » Horner told The Times. « He’s one of the greatest, and statistically the best in history. But put Max and Lewis in the same car, and I have no doubt who will come out on top. »

“Put Lewis in our car, and I don’t doubt who will come out on top either. With Max, anything is possible. We didn’t expect to be competitive in Jeddah. It’s mainly thanks to Max. ‘he was given enough credit, on the way he rode. « 

Horner then went on to explain that Verstappen is better than Hamilton as the gaps between the latter and his last teammates, Valtteri Bottas and Nico Rosberg, were small.

Although Sergio Pérez finished 205.5 points behind Verstappen in his debut season with Red Bull, Hamilton still handed Bottas 160 points, despite giving him 124 in 17 races last year.

For Horner, this difference is minimal: « We often see very little difference between Valtteri and Lewis, the same with Nico. Max has ripped every bit of performance out of this car this year. »

« And since the summer and Mercedes picking up speed, it is Max who has kept us in this championship with his driving. He has been absolutely exceptional. We sometimes forget what he is capable of doing with a smaller car. better than that of its rival. « 

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