Formula 1 | Horner: F1 must rethink some DRS areas to avoid cat-and-mouse game

As Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc battled for victory in Jeddah, the two men voluntarily slowed down before the last DRS detection zone located just before the last corner of the circuit in order to benefit from it on the following straight.

If the Dutchman emerged victorious from this little game at the finish, that does not prevent his director Christian Horner from estimating that Formula 1 should review some of these DRS zones so that it does not become commonplace to see pilots voluntarily brake in the middle of a straight line.

« The DRS is so powerful that we saw a game of cat and mouse between the drivers who were braking just before entering the corner. So I think that the location of this DRS zone will have to be reconsidered for the future. .It would be better to avoid this type of situation. »

This scenario is reminiscent of that of last year where Verstappen and Hamilton had played the same game at the same bend, this time with carbon left on the track since the two men had hung.

However, that didn’t stop Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff from enjoying the show last weekend.

« Personally I appreciate it. I think these cars meet the expectations of Formula 1. We saw some nice overtaking and and the DRS is certainly very powerful but it gives us a great show now. It was very pleasant to watch. « 

Otmar Szafnauer, the director of Alpine F1, believes that the sport should consider making changes to the DRS since the new single-seaters make it easier to follow each other than before.

“Now we have to assess the importance of DRS on these cars because you can follow much easier now. It used to be much easier to break the DRS gear and escape.

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