Formula 1 | Horner and Wolff do not see a possible reconciliation between them

No one will deny that the 2021 season is one of the most intense we have ever experienced in Formula 1.

This is reflected on the track, with a rarely seen duel between two drivers belonging to two different teams, but also off track, with a war of words and a political war of rare violence.

And this concerns the leaders of Mercedes F1 and Red Bull much more than their own drivers. The question is how far the relationship is broken between Toto Wolff and Christian Horner. Once the season is over, can things calm down and a form of reconciliation possible? The question was put to them in Losail.

« I think the competition is just too big to hope for, » Toto Wolff believes.

“You can’t expect to dine with your rival or with a rival team or with your enemy in this competition, regardless of the personalities and characters. You can’t imagine anything else. It wouldn’t be normal and that is. is that simple. There are no negative emotions or positive emotions. Emotions are fairly neutral. « 

At his side, Horner continues: “Look, Toto and I are very different people and you know we operate in different ways and I think…. Am I going to spend Christmas with Toto? Probably not, unless you dress up as a Pantomime, and then I might even come with the kids! « 

« Oh what a shame… » Wolff answers.

« From my point of view, » continues Horner, « It’s a tough competition and it’s Formula 1. I don’t think… you don’t have to be your opponents’ best friend. How could you be? I think that would be dishonest in many ways, to simulate a facade when you are competing against each other. « 

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