Formula 1 | Hill: FIA must listen to drivers over Super License in F1

Hill: The FIA ​​must listen to (...)

Should the FIA ​​consult drivers about the Super License and award more points to those coming from IndyCar? So thinks Damon Hill, the 1996 world champion.

To release Pierre Gasly, eager to join Alpine F1 in 2023, Red Bull had previously hoped to replace the Frenchman with Colton Herta at AlphaTauri. Problem, the 22-year-old IndyCar driver only has 32 of the 40 points required on his Super License to drive in F1. The track leading to the American was therefore abandoned after the FIA ​​refused to offer him a waiver.

For some, it is not normal that Formula 2 currently earns more points than IndyCar. Alexander Rossi, who is currently playing in the American championship and who himself went through F1 in 2015, declared on his social networks that the FIA ​​had prevented a driver of the caliber of Herta from joining the discipline because of « past decisions » taken by « greed or necessity. »

Comments to which Damon Hill did not fail to react for the F1 Nation podcast.

« I actually responded to Alex Rossi’s Instagram post and said all these decisions were made by bureaucrats. If you like, the FIA ​​is like, ‘How do you get this to be fair?’ And what they don’t do is address the pilots. »

“If you asked most drivers for their opinion, they would tell you that an IndyCar driver is much more accomplished than an F2 driver. The system has been designed so that everyone goes through the same stages to get to F1. It’s a global sport and we want to see talent coming from anywhere. »

« And that example is a fantastic case, we could have a great IndyCar driver in F1 but we’re making him realize that’s not going to be possible. I mean, how crazy is this situation? »

If the Super License had initially been put in place after Max Verstappen arrived in F1 directly after European Formula 3, Damon Hill recalls that great drivers would not have obtained it in the past if this system already existed.

« I’m sorry but there have been many cases in the past, like Kimi Raikkonen, for example, who came to F1 directly from Formula Renault. Are we to say that Kimi shouldn’t have been in F1? »

« It’s already very difficult to get into F1 and so you need a screening system. But this should consider talent as much as anything else. I think forcing everyone to do F3 and F2 to get to F1 is not the right approach. »

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