Formula 1 | ‘Harmony’ between Wolff and Horner, Masi replaced by two race directors?

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff met in London yesterday at the F1 Commission where they discussed the measures to be taken, by sport and particularly the FIA, following the controversy in Abu Dhabi.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the new president of the FIA, has shown his good offices to move towards reconciliation between the two team principals. Obviously, he achieved his goal according to his words… with a touch of irony!

« They were on the same line, I think it’s because of Valentine’s Day. »

“They were close to each other and they were in good spirits, so it was good. I expected more entertainment but it was good to see the harmony between them. »

However, nothing concrete has yet been announced: but the president of the FIA ​​confirmed that it was a matter of days at most.

“We have agreed on some things and the analysis is still ongoing. »

“But that will come soon… It was a good discussion. So we’ll see. »

“Information will be announced, but as I said, the integrity of the FIA ​​will still be intact. I am elected for this, but also for motorsport to be fair, because it is my duty. »

“We have tackled a lot of important things for the season, so I expect a good F1 season. We can only go forward. It is important for the FIA, for the integrity of the FIA ​​and for the sport. »

“So it was a very good meeting. The future can only be better. »

A clue, however: according to several concordant rumors, Michael Masi, the FIA ​​race director, should evolve into a different role in the future. The very position of race director, with its too imposing responsibilities, should evolve and be divided between two people instead of one: a sort of regulatory diarchy.

Other sources even give the names of the (supposed) next F1 race directors: Eduardo Freitas, today’s WEC race director, and Niels Wittich, former DTM race director.

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