Formula 1 | Hamilton will continue to support F1 drivers after his departure


Hamilton will continue to support (...)

Lewis Hamilton says Formula 1 will still be a part of his life once he stops racing. The Mercedes F1 driver wants to be able to support certain drivers and encourage them, in a world that is mentally difficult.

“I will always be plugged into this sport, I will always be watching” Hamilton confirmed in an interview with former teammate Heikki Kovalainen. « I will always want to be someone who is positive for all the drivers who are here, good or bad, because we know how difficult it is to start. »

« We know how bad it can be, how good some days can be and how negative people can be towards you. I never want to be one of those drivers who does that, because we made it the ‘experience. »

He has « a lot of projects » in progress

Owner of vegan fast food, investor in the Denver Broncos NFL team, or even owner of Sébastien Loeb’s X44 team in Extreme E, the seven-time world champion should not lack occupations when he is not more behind the wheel full time.

« I think I’ve really tried to use that time when I’m not in F1; I do a lot of Zoom calls with people of different genders, just to be educated, I ask a lot of questions.

« The last time was with a specialist who started a solar panel company in Silicon Valley, just to see how he did it, what his goals are, and to realize that there are a lot of amazing people with really good intentions, really trying to improve people’s lives and save the planet. »

« I work on a lot of different projects. I have a really big team that I’ve built over the last five years, my personal team that works with me to help bring the ideas and things that I’m passionate about to reality. So we have a lot of plans. »

« I think a lot of people say they’re entrepreneurs. I think I’m really an entrepreneur, because I have a lot of business projects going on. I think after that I can focus on one or more of them. »


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