Formula 1 | Hamilton: What would Max’s approach have been like in the case of Silverstone?

Lewis Hamilton has gone out of his way at times this year to avoid collisions with Verstappen, most notably at the first corner at Imola and Barcelona when he chose to forgo the pass to avoid contact.

But he denies that giving up is a sign of weakness, nor that his collision with Verstappen at Silverstone was triggered in any way by trying to prove he wasn’t a tender in those close quarters fights.

« If you are outside of a car, giving up is a good option almost all the time, so that you can see the end of the race, » Hamilton explains.

“If you’re inside, there are scenarios where I really think I was right. I’m almost wheel to wheel with the car.”

“At Silverstone, for example, have a look at the pictures: my front wheel was next to its front wheel, so it wasn’t like my wheel was next to its rear wheel. And in this scenario, if I had took the approach that Max had for example in Brazil, that I had stayed on the accelerator to force the passage, to be really in front, then to leave the track and to keep the position, what would have been the scenario there? « 

Hamilton also believes that a factor in the difference in approach he takes is that the younger generation has learned amid higher standards of safety on the slopes – meaning they aren’t afraid to get out of the way. the track in the asphalt clearance areas.

« The drivers of today, the young drivers, the tracks that today’s drivers grew up on, they all raced on circuits with great clearance areas. »

“Whereas when I started in single-seater most of the tracks weren’t there, which was more fun, riskier and you didn’t always have to go over the limit.”

“You really had to progress slowly, when their generation can go way over the limit, go offshore and get back on the track. There are less risks. That’s the only real difference. But these kids look great. motivated. « 

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