Formula 1 | Hamilton wants to ‘do something bigger than winning F1 titles’

A controversy, again, had erupted after the Italian Grand Prix: the Mercedes clan had somehow reproached Max Verstappen for not having gone to check if Lewis Hamilton was okay, after the heavy crash between the two protagonists at the chicane , the halo having probably saved the head of the Mercedes driver.

What the Dutchman replied: « I saw that Lewis was fine since he had tried to accelerate again, while his car was still on mine ». Atmosphere.

Lewis Hamilton, however, specifies today, to calm the spirits, that he had never expected Max Verstappen to go and check his state of health more closely.

“I don’t really have a particular feeling about it. We had this crash and of course I felt it physically. Have you watched Cool Runnings? At the end, they crash into the bobsleigh, they go out, say they have to finish the race, that’s my mentality. « 

“The car is on me, how can I get back into the race? And so I didn’t expect him to check on how I was. « 

But Lewis then addresses a spade to his rival …

“I would certainly have checked how the person I landed on was doing, but I’m older. « 

Does Lewis Hamilton indeed feel like an « old sage » who would give lessons in placidity to Max Verstappen?

“I try to approach him with respect, but I’m also a fighter, I don’t back down in the race scenario. « 

“I try to always be reasonable because at the end of the day I have 2,000 people who are counting on me to be reasonable, to bring the car back in one piece and it’s not about me, it’s about it’s all about us to win the championship. « 

Lewis Hamilton’s responsibility

This « maturity » of Lewis Hamilton would be seen in particular in his commitment, more and more marked, on social, ecological, even political subjects. Which means that the Lewis of yesterday is no longer that of today.

« It’s different, there is something different, I feed on things a little different, if we compare today with the period during which I was looking for my first title when I was 22 years old. . « 

“When I was 22, it was about me and my family, it was just about us, it was about realizing one thing we were told we couldn’t do. « 

« Now you’ve seen over the last year that I have something on the go, I’m pushing to try and work with the sport to become more diverse in the years to come so it’s like a side focus. that I have, from Mission 44 and from my new contract, putting it in negotiations saying to Mercedes: I want to do something much bigger than winning world championships. « 

“I want to win world championships with you, but at the same time I want to help young people who come from different backgrounds to enter this sport. « 

“So this is a very important goal for me, and seeing the positive response and the progress that we are starting to make encourages me. « 

“It’s important to find inspiration in different things and helping people now is a big part of that. « 

Would his “off-track” activities tend to become more important than driving F1 in itself?

« In the long term yes, absolutely » Lewis Hamilton concludes.

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