Formula 1 | Hamilton wants a return to Kyalami and a 3rd race in the United States

Formula 1 would like to return to South Africa in the next few years. The plan for a Grand Prix in Kyalami could come back quickly, and Lewis Hamilton believes that the return of the discipline to the African continent would be the most important thing that the calendar can do.

« The place that matters most to me is bringing a race back to South Africa » Hamilton said. « I think there are a lot of fans there, and I think it would be great to highlight how beautiful the country is. »

Besides this hoped-for return to Kyalami, Hamilton would like F1 to go three times a year to the United States. According to him, Austin and Miami are not enough to represent the country in the calendar, and he would like the addition of a third city.

“The United States Grand Prix is ​​fantastic. It’s such a big country that one race is not enough to harness the country’s sporting culture, capture the fans and make them travel with us.

« There are a lot of big cities to have a Grand Prix. They’re going to have one in Miami, it’s going to be amazing, just like Austin. I don’t know where the next one will be. I think it’s pretty cool, to have these kinds of little mini championships in every continent, that’s not a bad thing for sport. « 

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