Formula 1 | Hamilton urges F1 to remain vigilant against Covid-19

F1’s Covid-19 protocols may need to be revised to avoid an increase in infections as countries relax their restrictions according to Lewis Hamilton.

The Mercedes F1 driver, who missed the Sakhir Grand Prix last year after contracting the virus, believes « most people don’t take it seriously ».

Hamilton is 12 points behind championship leader Max Verstappen with five races to go. For an F1 driver, the implications of being unable to race due to illness are higher than for some other athletes.

« I’ve seen footballers recently who don’t care, read that they don’t focus too much on that. And if they miss a game, it doesn’t make a huge difference. It’s a bit different in F1. « 

The easing of some restrictions in the paddocks and the increase in the number of fans attending the races could cause F1 to rethink its procedures.

« We are allowing fans who are not tested to enter the paddock and now I think all the photographers are coming in. So I know this is opening up more, but I expect they will have to make some changes soon as the bubble will be difficult to keep if you open too much. « 

Hamilton adds that he was not yet taking extra precautions but continued to limit the number of people he comes in contact with and the events he attends.

“It’s the same as it has generally been throughout the year. I attended two events this year. Both required vaccination and everyone needed a recent PCR. But even so , I try to keep my distance from everyone when I’m in rooms. « 

« There is only Angela [Cullen, sa physiothérapeute] and Timmy [McGurr, son photographe] which I usually have with me most of the time. « 

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