Formula 1: Hamilton, Russell… The strong message from Mercedes!

Formula 1

While Mercedes is still looking for the right formula for its new single-seater, James Vowles recognizes differences in the cars of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

In difficulty since the start of the season, mercedes struggling to catch up Ferrari and Red Bull. Therefore, the German team continues to make changes to its single-seaters and tries things in the race. This is how the director of strategy at Mercedes F1, James Vowlesexplains that a sensor was placed on the car of Lewis Hamilton, which had the effect of weighing down his single-seater compared to that of george russell.

Not the same weight on both cars

 » We must always have a good understanding and be data-driven as an organization. It was difficult to do without it in previous races because it made the car too heavy but we lost too much information, so we concluded after these first races that we had too many unanswered questions. In a normal year, it wouldn’t even be an option to do without these sensors. You would add what you need in order to collect a maximum of information. But of course it’s not a season like the others and the car is too heavy. There are thousands of parts that make up George and Lewis’ cars and they don’t all weigh the same. There was finally a few grams difference between the two cars and Lewis did a fantastic job with that extra sensor. The loss of time caused by those few extra grams was minimal and that’s what we wanted “, he confides in comments reported by

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