Formula 1 | Hamilton reiterates full confidence in Mercedes F1 for 2023

Hamilton reiterates its total confidence (...)

Lewis Hamilton says he has complete confidence in the direction Mercedes F1 is heading, despite its difficult 2022 season.

Mercedes are yet to claim victory after the first 16 races this year and will complete their first Formula 1 season without a title since 2013.

Hamilton have won a handful of podiums this year, as has team-mate George Russell – but the Brackley-based side have failed to consistently compete against their rivals, spending a good half of the season trying to figure out their W13.

« It’s always complicated for us. But I would say…look, we’ve been really strong in the past, we’ve won world titles, our communication keeps getting better, » explains Hamilton.

« We’re having more small group meetings and conversations. And I’m just trying to help by giving as much feedback as I can about how I feel in the car and where I could save time. »

« It’s going to be things that the team members can’t see in the data, that the pilot can bring in. So working closely with George on that is really important as well. »

« But there is potential in our cars: we have downforce, it’s just that in some places we can’t use it. And ride quality, of course, is an area where we can always be better. »

“Right now we are finalizing a lot of parts for the W14 like the gearbox, the suspensions. A lot of those things have to be fixed now to be produced on time. So the time for choices has come. « 

« So I’m comfortable with the direction we’re going and I have 1000% confidence in the guys at the factory, who are putting all these pieces of the puzzle together, and I have no doubt that we’ll be back in a position that will allow us to fight. From next year. »

One thing is certain, Hamilton remains very motivated.

« I enjoy a challenge and we have won the last eight constructors’ world titles. I have full confidence in my team and my engineers that we will get there. »

« It’s just that with the cost cap and less time spent in the wind tunnel, it’s not as simple and easy as before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get there. »

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