Formula 1 | Hamilton ready to back Russell as leader at Mercedes F1

Hamilton is ready to support Russell (...)

For those who were expecting sparks at Mercedes F1 between the two British drivers, we will have to wait a little longer.

Certainly the uncompetitive position of the German team this year somewhat forces Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to work together as best they can to get back on track with a very perfectible W13. But Hamilton nonetheless supported his team-mate to eventually become the team leader at Mercedes.

When asked how hard it has been to get a little overpowered by Russell at the start of the season, Hamilton has a surprising answer.

« I wouldn’t say it was hard. It was nice! »

« We worked incredibly well together and George was super positive, he had a positive impact on the working environment and it was truly a real pleasure to work with him. »

« It was great to see his success. He did such a good job, he got good points for the team and keeps improving and he’s going to keep improving for a long time. »

« I really see there’s so much potential in him and he’s in the right place for that as well. »

« I really think whether I’m here or not, he has all the qualities to help move this team forward and lead them to success, so I think he’s the right choice for the team. I hope I can contribute to help him progress. »

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