Formula 1 | Hamilton ‘knows exactly what he wants’ for Mercedes F1 W14

Hamilton 'knows exactly what he

This year, due to the setbacks of Mercedes, and given his status as a reference driver, Lewis Hamilton is in charge of a particular mission: to try things, to experiment in the settings, to get Mercedes out of the rut.

Here is a Lewis Hamilton fully immersed in the grub of engineering. And according to Andrew Shovlin, chief race engineer at Mercedes, the Briton is enjoying it.

Lewis Hamilton, who is coming off a 4th consecutive podium, can he confirm? Does he appreciate becoming fully an experimenter again, a track engineer in the true sense of the term?

 » 100%. It wasn’t a miserable start to the year because there could always be worse, but just in terms of…I would say from a driver’s perspective, understanding this car was…it was so confused. We were trying so many different things, trying to push forward and no confidence in the machine below you, especially with the rear of the car. And that’s really the kind of thing that held us back a bit. »

“So now that we’re in a position where we’re starting to understand the car a bit more, we have more consistency coming in, it’s given us a much more enjoyable drive. We are still lacking performance in some areas, but we are getting there slowly. But it’s like small loopholes to be constantly closed, you have to constantly work on that and you’re getting there little by little. Unfortunately, we cannot make great leaps forward at the moment. But who knows, maybe a big leap forward will come at some point and we’ll be there. »

With all this background work, Lewis Hamilton knows what he wants to see happen for next year’s Mercedes. Perhaps he will even be listened to more than George Russell given that it is the « lion of Mercedes » (according to Toto Wolff) who has carried out the most experiments this year at Mercedes…

“I know exactly what I want in the car for next year. Basically things can’t change it’s too big to change this year with a cost cap so I’m able – in advance – to say these are the things I want in the car of next year. »

« So those things are taken into account and as we continue to try to come to terms with this car, of course little by little, in the next few weeks, the next two months, the focus will probably be on the car of the next year. »

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