Formula 1 | Hamilton: I don’t feel like a legend in F1

Lewis Hamilton insisted that he had « not feel like a legend » despite the records broken in F1.

The Mercedes driver became the first to reach 100 Grand Prix victories with a win in Russia and aims to break Michael Schumacher’s world title record by taking an eighth this year.

« I don’t feel like I’m a legend in F1. I’m always involved, determine. I try to be the best every weekend. It’s never easy. I always try to be the best. fine-tune all areas, to be creative with the car’s settings, every weekend, every race, every season. « 

When asked if he still had dreams and aspirations despite all of his successes, Hamilton replied: « Of course, I sure do. You should never stop dreaming, should you? Every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish, maybe I listed two things and that I managed two. Or just one! « 

« So some things end up on next year’s list, but my dream is pretty much the same every year. »

What is this dream? It is not about new successes but about how Formula 1 opens up to the world, in terms of inclusion and diversity.

« The dream that drives me this year is to make the sport more open, more inclusive, with a new path dedicated to engineers and others who otherwise might not even dream of being a part of this sport. »

“I wish all the teams were a part of it. We live in a world where a lot of people don’t know what’s going on and others think that if something isn’t about you, you have nothing to do with it. to do. »

“We live in a world where it’s important to have your voice heard. It’s crazy to hear some news, like the restriction of women’s right to abortion in the United States. It’s crazy, isn’t isn’t it? « 

“And even though as a man it doesn’t concern me directly, it’s fair to talk about it. It’s right to lend your support and be part of a generation pushing for change. It can be done. for any topic, like climate change and human rights. « 

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