Formula 1 | Hamilton ‘grateful’ to still be friends with Vettel

Hamilton is 'grateful'

Despite all his success on the track, it is outside of this that Lewis Hamilton still feels a lack.

He has been a force in driving F1 forward, pushing for greater diversity and more equal opportunities. Another driver who has been a constant rival throughout his F1 career to date – Sebastian Vettel – has joined him in these and other fights of late.

« With Seb for example, we had great races in the past and I’m so proud of him, the way he made his journey, the way he opened up and the way he was outspoken…and continues to be so, » Hamilton says.

« I have no doubt that whatever he plans to do in the future, he will continue to uphold the right values. »

“Having respect between two pilots who have had sometimes tough battles… It’s hard to be friends when you have a one-on-one battle and one of you wins and the other doesn’t. War psychological that you go through, it’s tough. But to be able to come out of it being such good friends – and I think that’s going to continue to grow and we’ll be even better friends in the future – I’m really grateful. »

Hamilton has idols outside of motorsport

It’s not just in F1 circles that Hamilton is trying to make an impact, now branching out into the NFL with the Denver Broncos and having been linked with investments in football clubs Chelsea and Manchester United.

« Oh, it’s amazing. To be able to just disconnect and focus on other things, but also just be around people you’ve grown to look up to. Being with the Broncos is such a privilege. I’m really excited. by the things we’re going to do, we’re going to do more in the future, hopefully. »

« I’m blown away by people like Tom Brady. There’s a lot to learn from everyone. The same with Serena (Williams), (Roger) Federer, even Lebron (James) – there’s plenty of amazing athletes who are doing great things. And to be able to be part of that set of peers – I’ve always hoped that one day we could relate to each other, it’s very surreal to sit with them and talk to each other for a length of similar wave. It’s very, very, very surreal, very cool. »

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