Formula 1 | Hamilton doesn’t want to be ‘someone who just talks’


In 15 Formula 1 seasons, Lewis Hamilton has learned to review his relationship with other drivers in particular, but also the way in which he can use his notoriety to defend causes that are dear to him.

« When I arrived in Formula 1, I didn’t have too much respect, even for the other drivers » Hamilton remembers. « I was a poor shooter, I came here to see blood. »

The Briton is now involved in various causes, in particular to help engineers from ethnic minorities, thanks to his foundation in which he has invested 25 million euros. He explains wanting to make a difference, at all costs.

« I’ve come to a point where I’m willing to risk my career if it helps. For example, to save a life, or to stimulate the minds of those in power and thus initiate a change that could help people, those whom those in power must help. « 

« I try not to be someone who talks a lot. I want to take action and I want to lead positive developments. But I’m not Superman, I can’t save the world on my own. »

Hamilton is happy to see that Sebastian Vettel has also immersed himself in causes like the environment: « Sebastian is characterized by a lot of compassion and empathy. He doesn’t just focus on being the best pilot. »


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