Formula 1 | Hamilton could invest £10m in Chelsea Football Club

While the Chelsea football club is on sale, Lewis Hamilton could, according to Sky, be interested in investing in this club located in south-west London. For a fan of Arsenal, one of Chelsea’s historical rivals, that would be interesting!

Champions League champions Chelsea have been put up for sale since their former owner Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch close to Vladimir Putin, was forced to sell his shares.

In addition to Hamilton, tennis player Serena Williams would also be part of this takeover project led by Martin Broughton, CEO of British Airlines and former owner of the Liverpool club. The two sportsmen would thus be ready to pay each 10 million pounds sterling in the London club.

Sebastian Coe, a former double British Olympic 1500m champion and now a politician, is also implicated. And it is obviously he who would have motivated Hamilton to invest, guaranteeing the seven-time F1 world champion the possibility of working on diversity, equality and inclusion within the club.

The Mercedes driver is already involved in several projects aimed at improving inclusion in society and the world of sport, such as Mission 44, and he is constantly pushing F1 to do more on these themes.

Hamilton has yet to comment publicly on the subject, but no doubt many journalists will be asking him questions this weekend at Imola.

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