Formula 1 | Hamilton ‘convinced’ Mercedes F1 can win a race in 2022


Hamilton 'convinced' that (...)

If Mercedes F1 has still not won a single Grand Prix this season, Lewis Hamilton remains convinced that it will be possible by Abu Dhabi.

The Briton found colors at Silverstone thanks in particular to the changes made to the W13, and he might have been able to play for victory without the intervention of the safety car. What make it much more optimistic than at the start of the season.

“Earlier this year I really wasn’t sure we would win a single race with this car,” said Hamilton, who has won at least one race every year since making his Formula 1 debut in 2007.

« It certainly wasn’t the way we wanted to think, but we were like ‘god, there’s really a long, long way to go to catch up with the others’. But it was really encouraging. For a very long time, « We were making changes but they weren’t producing what we wanted to improve the car. We had taken a step in Barcelona but a series of tough races followed. »

« Then we’ve just had these last two races where we were pretty strong, and it’s encouraging to see we’re going in the right direction and there’s potential in the car. With a little more research and job, I hope we get closer to a race win, I’m absolutely confident we can win a race this year. »

« Obviously we had the potential to win at Silverstone. But our current level of performance is not exactly the same as the two teams ahead of us. »

« We needed everything to line up, so we didn’t need that safety car at the end. We didn’t have to waste time on pit stops. In a perfect world, if there’s hadn’t had the crash at the start, I would have been third. I tell myself that this kind of thing happens for a reason.

« We have always suffered in Austria, so it will be difficult to win here knowing the combination of corners, but it is not impossible. The weather looks changeable. I hope to be pleasantly surprised tomorrow, but I could be wrong . I’ll see. »

Cautious, Russell does not want to get carried away

Systematically in the top 5 this season, George Russell had his first retirement of the season at Silverstone following his contact with Guanyu Zhou at the start, thus ending his good series.

Regarding the progress made by Mercedes F1 and his chance of winning a race this year, the Briton is much less optimistic than his teammate: « We must not get carried away. »

“I think Silverstone is a unique circuit in terms of fast corners. Obviously we have a lot of downforce and good potential for circuits like this. average. »

« We have to continue our assessments. Silverstone was a good step in the right direction. We have gained a good level of understanding there, but we have to start again this weekend and see how we come out of it. »


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