Formula 1 | Häkkinen surprised by Red Bull’s ’embarrassing’ mistake in Singapore

Häkkinen was surprised by the error

The Singapore Grand Prix saw its start postponed by an hour this weekend as heavy rain appeared on the circuit. The race was then contested on a wet track and offered a very delicate challenge for the whole field, with some of the best drivers themselves having made a mistake.

Very attentive to what is currently happening in Formula 1, former driver Mika Häkkinen did not fail to follow this event where the weather will have played a major role.

« These heavy rains are typical of Grands Prix that have been held in Singapore or Malaysia in recent years, and it was so easy to make a mistake while racing. We started racing in this part of the world more than 20 years ago. years and nothing prepares you for that amount of rain. It can make racing impossible. »

The Finn was also very surprised to see the error made by Red Bull in qualifying, which forced Max Verstappen to start very far on the starting grid on Sunday. He also hailed Sergio Perez’s clear and clean victory.

“Max could have won the championship this weekend, but his team’s mistake in qualifying cost him dearly. « This is good, and it was quite embarrassing to see that they didn’t have enough gas to go an extra lap. Red Bull have been so operationally strong this season, so that was quite surprising. « 

« I think a lot of people expected to see Max come back well from 8th on the grid, but he got off to a bad start in those conditions and lost a lot of time struggling in the heart of the field. This kind of racing can happen, even in the middle of a season where you’re extremely competitive, you just have to make the following weekend go much better. I have no doubt that Red Bull will perform well in Japan and that Max can win the title again. The team just has to avoid repeating the same mistakes. »

« Checo Perez was brilliant at Red Bull. He had a perfect race, he got the better of Charles Leclerc at the start and controlled the race, not making the slightest mistake and allowing his team to win. When Max can’t win, Checo is here. It’s his second win of the year and it reminded everyone that he is the perfect teammate for Max. »

A « shock » to see Hamilton and Verstappen go at fault

Crowned with McLaren F1 in 1998 and 1999, Häkkinen was delighted to see his former team shine in Singapore. The 22 points brought back by Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo allow him to overtake Alpine F1 in the constructors’ championship.

« I was very happy to see McLaren in 4th and 5th place. The team made a perfect pit stop on lap 36. Lando and Daniel both had a very good race, and that’s an important result for the team. « Team that grabs 4th place in the constructors’ championship after the Alpine’s double retirement. It was a good result for Daniel who does not yet have a defined program for next season. »

During the Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton both made mistakes in these tricky conditions and lost several positions. According to Häkkinen, this shows that the challenge was really big this weekend.

« The mistakes made by Max and Lewis proved what a fantastic job everyone else did! It’s easy to lose grip in these conditions, both too fast for intermediates and too tricky for slicks, and it reminds us that all riders, including experienced world champions, can go wrong when they push to the limit, we all expect perfection from such riders, so it’s a shock when they commit a mistake ! »

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