Formula 1 | Haas F1: The team has progressed despite the lack of development

Haas F1 director Günther Steiner believes he has handled this delicate 2021 Formula 1 season well. single-seater.

« Looking back is always a beautiful thing, obviously » Steiner said. « Now I would do something because I know better, because I know what happened afterwards, so we always do better afterwards. But I don’t think we did anything wrong. »

“It was a tough season, we knew it was going to happen. But I wouldn’t change anything in particular, I wouldn’t make a big change, or something completely different. I would do little different things in hindsight, but nothing. what’s more. »

Mick Schumacher thought he would be playing an uninteresting season for his debut in F1, without any development or work on the current car. But he finally understood, over the course of the season, what was the interest of this year in terms of progression, and the operational aspect.

“I think at the start of the year it was probably difficult for me to really understand the whole concept of not making any changes and not progressing, yet having to work with what we had. that meant in Formula 1 was really difficult «  Schumacher explains.

“But over the year and over the weekends, I got it better and better, and that’s where I really understood the philosophy of this season, where we can really make the most of ourselves – same. This is where I felt that we made great strides forward. « 

Nikita Mazepin, for his part, is satisfied to have progressed by discovering Formula 1: « I have never had such a challenge in the other categories, in which we have a car on which we can have an influence, and which we can improve over the season, between the first and the second part. . « 

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