Formula 1 | Haas F1: Magnussen does not expect miracles with upgrades

Haas F1: Magnussen does not wait (...)

Kevin Magnussen will test Haas F1 upgrades this weekend, the first upgraded package of the VF-22 this year. The Dane is impatient to see the difference, since the single-seater will have revised pontoons. He hopes it will bring performance, although he knows it will take patience.

« It’s always exciting to have new parts on the car, we hope it will be much better, we know what we can expect the best » notes Magnussen. « You always have to do a little bit of work to get the most out of these evolutions, it’s rare that you install them and they work directly, there is work. »

« But we are happy to attract upgrades. We had good performance with the old specification of the car and we extracted a lot of performance over the year, we know there is a lot to find so we is a bit anxious, but it’s mostly exciting. »

« More luck in the last races »

Magnussen is happy that his team managed to keep pace with their rivals, without bringing anything new between Bahrain and the French Grand Prix: « It’s been a good season in terms of performance and potential in the car and the team. »

« We weren’t always lucky or on the right strategy, and it feels like every time we took risks it backfired, it was a trend. We’re So we’ve become a little more conservative again and we’ve had more luck in the last few races. »

« It allowed us to score points. But even without evolutions, the others did not fly away, they were sometimes better but they were generally at the same level. »

Mick Schumacher will not have the advanced single-seater but wants to be reassuring about his performance in Hungary: « Yes, the car works and there’s no reason why we can’t do great things with it. »

« The new set will be one or two tenths faster, we know that, and if it’s more than that, great because I’ll have it at Spa too, and the better the evolution, the better our chances. to score points. »

Magnussen paid tribute to Sebastian Vettel, who announced his retirement this morning: « I wouldn’t say I got to know him well, but he is a legend in our sport. He is an example for the drivers, and his personality has shown in F1, especially recently, he is a very good ambassador, he can be proud and I wish him the best. »

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