Formula 1 | Haas F1: Learning the Hard Way on Losail Vibrators

There were no surprises on the side of Haas F1 in Qatar this Friday, as the team discovered the Losail track but occupied the last places, as on the other circuits. Nikita Mazepin, however, was impressed by the pace he sets.

« I think this is the fastest circuit I can remember visiting this year, there are hardly any slow corners which makes it an interesting challenge » Mazepin said. « The surface is very smooth which makes the experience enjoyable, and this track showcases everything Formula 1 cars have to offer. »

Mazepin, however, missed a full session this Friday, Haas F1 having had to change its chassis following the passage of the car on a vibrator: « I felt something come very close to the back of my car. »

“It’s frustrating because I didn’t get off the track, I was in limits when it happened, so I think those buzzers are not very nice for cars. My car was hit. at the wrong angle, which will require me to be careful from now on. « 

« I think in the first session tomorrow we will start by staying inside the white lines and we will not think about speed. We will be careful from the start – which is the priority – and we will try to push afterwards. . « 

Mick Schumacher discovered the Losail circuit and also had fun: « I hadn’t worked on the simulator so I didn’t really have any expectations. Overall it was a lot of fun, I enjoyed it. »

“The track is very fast, it was not as I imagined it to be. I feel pretty good, I think it’s a good track for qualifying. For the race it will probably be a little more difficult but I am ready to be surprised.  »

Haas F1 manager Günther Steiner regrets the incident with the vibrator for Mazepin: « We weren’t expecting some of the challenges here with the vibrators, and others have damaged their flat bottoms. »

« We went a little further, with damage to the chassis, which required us to change it. He was on the line, but the vibrators did damage in FP1 and his day was over after that. »

“The team is changing the chassis with the spare one and we will be ready again for tomorrow, for FP3. For Mick, FP1 and FP2 went really well, he learned the track and the team. gained experience on a circuit that none of us had visited before. « 

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