Formula 1 | Haas F1 admits ‘surprise’ at Ferrari’s unreliability


Haas F1 admits its 'surprise' (...)

Haas F1 director Günther Steiner admits he was surprised by the unreliability of the Ferrari engines that have been powering his VF-22s for several races. Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher have encountered unexpected problems, notably in Monaco, Baku and Montreal, in the last three races.

« I was a little surprised because in the first five races it was going pretty well » Steiner recalls. “Testing was good and then all of a sudden it started and there were big problems. So yeah, I was taken a bit by surprise.

Steiner confirms that on the side of Ferrari, no cause is advanced, nor any solution. The Scuderia is still looking for the causes of these problems, as the facetious team manager reminds us in a very pragmatic way.

« If Mattia Binotto had an explanation, he would have already solved the problems. They are looking into the matter because as disappointing as it is for us, it may be even more for them, since they are fighting for the championship. « 

« I don’t even know what broke or why on our car from the start. It’s one of the things you don’t put a lot of energy into wanting to know because even if I do, I can’t do anything about it anyway. »


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