Formula 1 | Haas does not capitalize on F1 success in the United States enough

F1 makes its return to Austin this weekend for the first time since 2019. A United States Grand Prix which is already a huge popular success, which is not without pleasing Günther Steiner, the director of the only American team of the plateau, Haas F1.

« Obviously coming back here after missing last year is very nice » Steiner notes. « It’s a beautiful place. It’s very important for the fans. There is a huge appetite in the United States right now for Formula 1 and we can see that the stands are almost full. »

“Over the weekend as a whole almost 400,000 people are expected, which is a big number if you think about it. It’s fantastic. I think the track has been well prepared for our return here. is very nice to come back here and it’s good for me because I live in America so no jet lag! « 

Steiner admits that the team has failed to capitalize on the success of F1 in the United States, which has grown massively across the Atlantic since Liberty Media took over.

« I think we kind of neglected that, at the start, when we got there, because Formula 1 has progressed very quickly over the last two years, I would say. At the beginning when we started it was a lot smaller. . « 

« And now you wonder why didn’t we see this coming. I didn’t have a crystal ball to tell me that, but obviously we think we need to put more emphasis on this success to attract sponsors and to get more involved with Americans. « 

“There has to be an American rider, we have to be in a good position to get there, which is fantastic. That will be the next big thing and from our side, we just need to focus a little more on the United States and do a better job than before. « 

« But I wouldn’t say we did a bad job, it’s just that the market was not there, and now there is a market here, there is a great demand for Formula 1, so I hope we can get something out of it. « 

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