Formula 1 | ‘George Russell is the type of guy’ who wonders if he’s trending


'George Russell is the type of (...)

George Russell recently became a meme on Twitter, with the phrase « George Russell is the type of guy who… », followed by a more or less real but funny fact. So much so that the Mercedes F1 driver tweeted a joke related to it on his account.

The main interested party explains that he discovered this trend when a friend told him about it, and he is pleased that it has brought a positive atmosphere to social networks, which is too rare according to him.

« A friend of mine sent me a message saying, ‘you’re trending on Twitter.’ And I was like, ‘oh my god, why am I trending? written on me? What did I say? What did I do?' » laughs Russell.

« But reading a lot of them made me feel very British, to be honest, which I took a lot of pride in. It was fun to see some people’s perception. I think it’s got to a point where anything went and people were jumping in. »

« But I enjoyed it. I liked seeing a bit of fun like that. It’s rare these days that social media brings positivity and a bit of laughter rather than constant negativity and trying to put people down. »

Russell is amazed at the popularity of these types of trends, which often originate from a quiet phrase or action: « These things start out of nowhere. And you can never find the origin. »

« I did a search in the early hours when it started trending. And I found a tweet from April where someone just said ‘George Russell is the type of guy… ‘. And I think it was something very random and he just tweeted it and didn’t try to create anything. »


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