Formula 1 | Gasly: ​​F1 career has to come before loyalty after a while


Gasly: ​​The career in F1 must (...)

Pierre Gasly was surprised to see Oscar Piastri’s refusal to drive for Alpine F1, calling it a « rather bold decision »while the Australian clearly wants to drive for McLaren instead.

This surprise decision indirectly placed the Frenchman as the favorite to replace Fernando Alonso, on the departure for Aston Martin F1 in 2023.

In Zandvoort, Gasly refused to comment on this link, explaining yesterday that nothing had changed. But he admits he is actually following the case…

« Obviously I had my eye on it because I’m always kind of following what’s going on, and it all started with Seb [Vettel] announcing his departure, then Fernando making his announcement. Then it was quite a daring decision on Oscar’s part to refuse a seat in F1 when you know how difficult it can be to get there, especially when you are affiliated with Alpine. So I was quite surprised by his announcement. »

Speaking from his own experience in F1, Gasly said that « you should remember who helped you first, and always be grateful for that ».

When told he has already paid his loyalty to Red Bull, Gasly admits that after a while career has to come first.

« It’s all about performance. At some point when you’re in Formula 1…we only have one career and you have to make the most of it. »

« And the motivation, the satisfaction, depends on the result you get and coming home on Monday morning thinking you got the most out of the package you had – but obviously you feel better when you’re on top. from the podium. »

« We sacrifice ourselves, work hard, towards one goal, to be the best – and that performance factor will always take priority over the emotional side you have. I’m an emotional person, I feel like I connect with people, it’s a very important part for me. »

“But the competitive mindset that you have as an F1 driver is just on a different level.


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