Formula 1. Gasly and Ocon will dive into the unknown in 2022

Gasly, regularity and patience

2021 ranking: 9th, 110 points

Teammate: Yuki Tsunoda, 14th, 32 points

F1 is a hybrid sport: to win, a symbiosis is essential between driver and machine. Pierre Gasly has proven that he is an excellent driver. But his car did not allow him to play the leading roles.

He has shone many times in qualifying, showing his raw potential, and in the race, when his car allowed it. Third in Azerbaijan, fourth in the Netherlands and Mexico, he often did better than better armed opponents, randomly Sergio Pérez, with whom he was virtually competing for the second seat at Red Bull.

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Alongside Max Verstappen, the Mexican certainly finished 4th far ahead of Gasly, 9th. But a class of difference exists between the parent company Red Bull and the daughter team AlphaTauri (ex-Toro Rosso), more oriented towards the emergence of talents.

Gasly had his chance in 2019 to climb in a Red Bull. But the team only left him half a season before demoting him. While waiting for a new promotion or a transfer to another top team, Gasly will have to be patient.

Its record : “An incredible season. We have beaten all the statistics of all the pilots who came to Toro Rosso and AlphaTauri with 110 points in one season, 14 times in the Top 6 in + qualifying +, a podium in Baku. Even if we had fairly high expectations, we have surely done even better ”.

Its projection : “There are a lot of unknowns with the rule change. These are opportunities, everything is relaunched a bit and, at the same time, we have no idea where we are going to be. It can go both ways ”.

Ocon, capitalizing on Hungary

2021 ranking: 11th, 74 points

Teammate: Fernando Alonso, 10th, 81 points

Gasly had his heyday in 2020 in Monza (Italy). Ocon followed suit in 2021, in Hungary. Out of a gruesome Grand Prix, the native of Evreux imitated his neighbor Rouennais to enter the closed circle of Grand Prix winners.

This less pressure, Ocon can now move forward, to repeat the offense. For that, it will be necessary to be able to count on a well-born Alpine.

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Like his team-mate Fernando Alonso, Ocon hopes for a better single-seater in 2022. Because if Alpine has brought its tricolor livery to the top in Hungary, and on the podium in Qatar (Alonso 3rd), it has sinned for lack of performance and consistency.

Alpine has, like many, put the improvements aside in 2021 to focus on 2022. It remains to be seen which team did the best.

Its record : “Hungary was the highest point, my first victory, my second podium. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), it was also a strong race. We had a lot of speed, we lacked a bit of success at the end, it’s a shame (3rd place lost in the home straight, editor’s note). We maximized the potential throughout the year, even if we lacked consistency ”.

Its projection : “Operationally, we have made great progress. I hope we will take a step forward in terms of performance because, if we do, there may be a big and beautiful challenge for us next year. « 
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