Formula 1 | Flexible fins: Brawn sees teams looking out for each other

Flexible fins were a big topic of discussion last year, and F1 could once again thrive on such debates. Ross Brawn, its sporting director, reveals that F1 will be monitoring this closely, via the technical stewards of the FIA. He also thinks the teams will watch out for each other.

« With all the analysis possible, we should be able to spot what the teams are doing fairly quickly, with the photographs, the video analyzes and all kinds of things » Brawn said.

« Teams are really watching each other on that aspect. If you remember all the fuss around the wings last season, they are almost self-checking each other, so as soon as there is a problem, they begin to raise their flags. »

« The FIA ​​will be made aware of any areas of concern very quickly, and I’m sure they can address them, and have the capacity to do so overnight. »

Brawn also doesn’t think this issue will be any bigger than other years. There will surely be clarifications and requests from the teams, but nothing that he thinks could be a problem.

“The possibility of flexing will be there because until we start racing these cars, we won’t fully understand the most sensitive areas, or what the teams are doing.

« It’s part of a Formula 1 team’s arsenal, to keep things flexible, as much as it’s allowed, and that will never change. You can’t reinvent that. So it will be a similar topic to this as it has been for the past few years. »

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