Formula 1 | Finishing 7th would be ‘a decent goal’ for Alfa Romeo F1 according to Vasseur

Finishing seventh in the Formula 1 standings this year is « a decent goal » for Alfa Romeo in 2022, according to team boss Frédéric Vasseur.

Alfa Romeo became the latest team to officially unveil its 2022 car, the C42, this Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

Alfa Romeo slipped to ninth place in last year’s standings, after three years in eighth place, and hasn’t finished higher since 2013, under the Sauber name.

“The most important thing is to improve, always improve and close the gap with the best on the grid,” entrusts us the French.

« You can have different indicators in terms of performance, but for sure we are fighting for the championship and ultimately the end goal is to improve the championship position. »

« We had a disappointing season last year with 9th place and we want to do a lot better this season, but I also want to close the gap in terms of pure performance – because that’s the reality of how people work there. ‘factory. If it’s about giving you a number, I’d say 7th would be a decent target. »

Vasseur fears significant progress is only likely in the long term, but hopes the strategy discussed in 2021, along with the cost cap, will pay off for Alfa Romeo.

« It’s the first time we’ve developed and produced a car under the cost cap regulations. Of course the big teams will probably retain an advantage, so we have to be realistic. Convergence will come later and so the best places too. »

« It’s very often the same feeling when you start a season: the first day is like the first day of school, you want to see who will be sitting next to you, but this one is even more exciting. « 

« We know that we stopped our development quite early last year and were fully focused on 2022, so we want to see if we can reap the rewards of that decision. »

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